Snow Drifting

Mr. Wolfgang Kaufman drove Porsche 993 on the snow. It was very smooth driving.

See movie below.

Winter Training at Lake Yachiho, Japan

15 Jan 2015 - 18 Jan 2015

The snow season has just begun in the Northern Japan. 
We have been holding “Porsche Winter Training” every year since 2010 at Yachiho lake in Nagano.

In January 2014, our event had 7’th anniversary.

We have held a music concert to express our special thanks to the people in Yachiho town who have helped us all these years.

Although it was very cold in the middle of the winter, we had over 200 guests attending this concert.

The concert was very successful. 

The musicians and the audience have enjoyed all together.

We had a great time with the people of Sakuho town, ending the concert with singing together.

Porsche Club Roppongi has been very active in promoting motor sports. We have held various events to have a great fun and to build a mutual friendship, such as, “Porsche Winter Training” at Yachiho lake, Fuji Speedway track day event, the driving school cosponsored by Scuderia Hanseat and Porsche Club Roppongi, and Nurburgring Nordschleife track day event.

We could not hold these events without the help of the local people.

Porsche Club Roppongi will continue to promote motor sports activities while keeping the sense of gratitude to those who have supported.

This is the 8’th Porsche Winter Training event (7’th at Yachiho lake).

This training is possible only during this season when the fresh powder snow is as soft as pure cottons.

As you know, it is very different to drive in snow. It requires very sensitive driving techniques.  It is more so on ice.

Once you master the driving techniques on ice, you will be able to avoid accidents on public roads, or to drive over 200km/h on a race track with more safety margins.

You will notice this once you participate the winter training.

Since the actual speed on ice would be less than 40km/h, your Porsche would not be damaged even if you crash into the fresh powder snow.

As a result of the 4 days trainings under this safe environment, you will master the drifting techniques which enable you to drift throughout the corners.

This technique will be imprinted to your muscle memory.  You will be able to react spontaneously without thinking to avoid the accidents.


Mr. Wolfgang Kaufman, the professional race car driver who is famous for the 24 hour endurance race at Nurburgring, is coming as the instructor.

You will be able to receive special training from Mr. Kaufman who has the ultimate drifting skills.

This is the safest and the ultimate driving lesson.  Only the participants of “Porsche Winter Training” held by Porsche Club Roppongi can experience this.

Please don’t miss this special opportunity.

There are Yachiho Kogen Ski Resort in just few minutes from Lake Yachiho.

Since the elevation of the ski resort is a 1600 meters, snow conditions are very good.

Your family can come to enjoy the skiing.
Also, it would be even good idea to stay a few days after the training and enjoy skiing.

The 2013, members of Porsche Club Singapore to participate, and enjoying our training.

For participation from overseas, so we can arrange such as car rental. Please do not hesitate to contact us.



   15 Jan 2015 (Thu)  -  18 Jan 2015 (Sun)




Lake Yachiho

/ Sakuho-kougen Sakuho-machi Minamisaku-gun Nagano, Japan





Member :

   65,000 JPY / 4 days,  55,000 JPY / 2 days

Visitor :

  70,000 JPY / 4 days,  60,000 JPY / 2 days


Accommodation Fee


 11,000 JPY / including breakfast and dinner


  Japanese Hotel "Usuishi"




 Ski clothes / Snow shoes / Driving Gloves 




Any car is OK for the training. Not limited to Porsche.

If you cannot bring your own car, please ask us. Especially for participants from overseas .


 If you need winter tires , please ask us early.

 We can arrange your winter tires.





Tue., 6 Jan. 2015


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